Upper Steaming & Beating Machine


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Technical Features :
1. The driver rotates manually, can easy to adjust the speed.
2 The steam can easy to softten the upper.
3 The Pneumatic massage is suite for all kinds of upper and can eliminate the winkle quickly.
4 The machine combine with the steam, vibration, battle in one, softten and squeeze the upper in order to eliminate the winke. Machine have double steam head, eight extended last to make the curve of the boot perfect.
5 The machine have changed the troditinal working style to have eight stations, can save labor and time, easily to quickly to operate, effecienct working.
6 The aluminisum last can extend easily, balance automatic, adjust the size, electronic temperature controller.
7 Located balance, accurately, can deal with every part of the shoes.
8 Can operate independent and control respectively.



Model No. LB-996A
Dimension (L*W*H) 900 * 1270 * 1800 mm
Weight 242 kg
Voltage 380 v
Power 5 kw
Capacity 1200 pairs / 8hr