Heating Setter


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Technical Features :
1 This machine is used for high end, using the edgefold dry heat efficiency of steam and finalize the design help softedn to achieve rapid prototyping face. This machine can be used Xuan Tou, saving energy.
2 Special stainless steel hot air and steam room, using high-speed convection to eleminate to help surface stress, make face more stick for automatic. Throughly changed the traditional heating components to finalize the design with directly for surface science technology, so as the avoid the baking was damaged by baking for surface gloss and disadvantages of exiting flexibility.
3 Equipped with adjustable temperature controller, adjustable to use the best material.
4 Use timer control the speed adjustment.



Model No. LB-301H
Machine Size 2000 * 800 * 1600 mm
Packing Size 2050 * 850 * 1700 mm
N.W. 250 kg.
G.W. 310 kg.
Voltage 380V/50 Hz
Power 10 kw
Capacity 1400 Pairs/8hr