Extra Heavy Cylinder Bed Sewing Machine for Sole Stitch


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Features :

Persser foot can be lifted up to 20mm for sewing extremely thick materials, movement of the presser foot can be infinite. Free Working space is 320mm suitable for large items. Lare barrel shuttle reduces the times of thread changes and raises sewing efficiency. This Machine is designed for sewing extremely heavy materials such as handles suitcases or briefcases base hall mittens seatbelts tents, char, cushions, shoes etc.



Model No. TX-205A
Max. Sewing Speed (r.p.m) 800
Needle DY x 3
Stitch Length (mm) 11
Height of Pressure Foot Lifter by Hand/Knee (mm) 12/20
Needle bar stroke 55
G.W. 66
N.W. 58
Packaging Size 780 * 530 * 630