High Speed Single Double Pressure Foot Top & Bottom Feed Zig-Zag Sewing Machine (Large Hook)


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Features :


1. Suitable for sewing thick materilas, especially sports and leather products, such as bags, shoes sofa, golf gloves, driving suites.
2 Adopt double presser foot with top & bottom feed that make the stitching neat and beautiful.
3 By adoption of large hook, shorten the bottom line replacement cycles, greatly improving the sewing efficiency.
4 Low Noise and Vibration, easy to operate.



Model No.


Max. Sewing Speed 1700 (RPM
Max. Stitch Length (mm) 5
Needle System DP x 17 # 16
Lifting of Pressure Foot (Knee) (mm) 13
Width of ZigZag (mm) 9