Single Needle/High Post/Post Bed Machine


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Features :

This Post Bed model is designed with compound feed mechanism and high post with the height of 443mm. It is sub-classed into left side stitch and right side stitch to meet different sewing request with special needle plate it is available for sewing large, cubic and three dimensional articles, such as boots/bags/suitcase/hand bags/hats and so on with small curved articles. It features easy stitch regulation, easy reverse feeding, smooth sewing and beautiful stitches.



Model No. TX-8365
Max. Sewing Speed (s.p.m) 1600 rpm
Stitch Length 0-7mm
Needle Bar Stroke 36mm
Pressure Foot Left by hand: 8mm by knee: 15mm
Needle Type DPX17 17# 23#
Pressure Foot Alternation 3-5mm
Rotating Hook Vertical Rotary Hook
Lubrication Semi-Automatic Lubricated
Motor 370w Clutch Motor 1400 rpm