Single Needle Unison Feed Cylinder Bed Binding Sewing Machine


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Features :

This machine adopts sliding bar thread take-up, the arm shaft and hook shaft transfer the drive by high-precise spiral bevel gear and it also has automatic lubrication system, therefore the running noises and vibrations are minimized significantly. As the compound feed. the slippage between material layers can be avoided, with beautiful and uniform stitches.

It is horizontal movement of drop feed, suitable used for binding stitching.



Model No. TX-2628
Max. Sewing Speed (s.p.m) 2800 spm
Needle System DPx17-21, 22, 23
Stitch Length (mm) 5.5 mm
Height of Pressure foot 6~15
Hook Large Hook
Cylinder Dia 50 mm
Means of Lubricating Automatic
G.W. 45
N.W. 34
Packaging Size 590 * 260 * 590