Pneumatic (Air Pressure) High Frequency Embossing and Welding Machine (8 kw) Double Station


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Features :
Synchronous Cutoff of Oil Pressure and High Frequency.
This unit uses the combined mould with blade or ally steel blade to directly cut the voltage material at the blade position of the mould through the oil pressure system, following the completion of the high frequency voltage program. Thus, it can reduce the rejected products caused by cutter's additional cut off after the high frequency and greatly improve the production efficiency. This machine is most applicable for cutting and procession the voltage of high accuracy trademarks, vamps and watchbands.
Jamming Prevention Device.

Equipped with frequency stabilizer and high frequency magnetic leakage suppresor. This device prevents leakage of electromagnetic radiation to avoid jamming other electrical instruments such as telecision and radios etc.

Easily Adjustable tuner.
Output power can be adjusted at the tuner according to electrode size and material thckness. In addition, other control device and special electrical circuits have cut down required welding tie consdetable to raise the machine productivity.
High Sensitivity Safety Protection Circuit.
If the current load exceeds the limit during operation, the overload current relay will cut off the high voltage automatically so as to protect the oscillating tube and rectifier. It is also provided with high sensitivity spark arrester, to provide dual protection and minimize the damage of electrode and materials.



Model No. TX-602-8N
High Frequency Output 8 KW
Press strokes (mm) 80
Max. Pressure 20T
Max gap of Electrodes (mm) 80