Pattern Cutting Machine (CAM CAD)


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Technical Features :
Vacuum-suction flatbed cutting machines are specially developed cutting solution for bags, footwear and  garment industries. Based on vacuum-suction system, it is able to create accurate patterns on standard pattern paper, cardboard, or PVC sheet.
Easy to use
Cutting tables are easy to install, simple to learn and use. A new user can master the machine quite well within 3 days’ training.
Save time and money whilst improving quality
Eliminates the cost and time you spend cutting  paper patterns and making  brass bound pattern boards
Greatly reduces the time taken to cut samples and graded paper patterns by hand.
Reduces your lead times for samples, short production runs and overall pattern development time for both sampling and  production, helping you to  provide ’quick response’  to your customers demands.
When used with RECAD software, Cutting tables are designed to work in the background which allows cutting and/or plotting pattern  pieces whist you continue to develop other 2D patterns.
Tool Head
A dual function tool head incorporating a trailing knife and pen, which is especially suited for cutting pattern paper as well as cardboard up to 2mm.
Connectible to  common CAD software, widely used in such fields as footwear, apparel, suitcases, bags, lamps and automobile leatherwear.



Technical Specification:
Model No. TX-1209A
Cutting Speed 80cm/s ~ 120cm /s
Cutting Thickness 0.5mm ~ 2.0mm
Cutting Materials Red Hard Paper, Plastic board, Cardboard, Fiber Sheet etc.
Cutting Tool Pen Tool, Knife Tool
Motor Stepping Motor / Servo Motor
Working Area 1200mm×900mm
Pen Type Ordinary signing pen, Oil pen, Ball-point pen, Silver pen
Pen Parameters Pen, Half-cut and Full-cut can be set to 8 different types
Mat. hold-down method Vacuum Suction
Mechanical Resolution 0.07mm
Software Resolution 0.025mm - 0.01mm - 0.1mm optional
Interface Standard parallel port or serial port
Buffer Size Once-and-for-all high-speed transmission
Command System HP-GL and GP-GL compatible mode
Control Panel LCD Display, Touch Button
Host Power Consumption AC 220±10%,50HZ
Pump Power Consumption AC 220±10%,50HZ
Pump Power 1.1 KW
Application Footwear, garment, handbag, lamp making companies