Post Bed / Double Needle / Drop Feed With Direct Drive System (New Latest Model) With Direct Drive Power Saving Motor, Auto Needle Positioning & with Speed Control System


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Features :

This machine is equipped with direct drive servo motor, which will be more convenient during working. with the help of control panel, the machine has the needle-positioning function, speed control, power saving upper roller.

2 Lockstitch with drop feed can promise a smooth sewing quality on either thin to thick materials
3 Standard needle gauge: 1.6 mm or 2.0 mm or 2.4 mm
4 Suitable for sports shoes, lady shoes, jackboots, bags etc.



Model No. TX-2820D
Max. Sewing Speed (s.p.m) 3000
Needle System



Stitch Length (mm) 4 mm
Lift up Pressure Foot (Knee) 11 mm
Needle bar stroke 38mm