Hot Melt Adhesive Spray Machine (Double Stations)


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1. The machine is suitable for the industries of shoe making leather, packing, woodworking, textiles toys, sanitary ware, electronics, electrical equipments and etc.
2. Hot melt glue is a kind of thermoplastic matter in 100% solid state without any solvent, it can meet the strict requirements of prevention and cure of air pollution and does not have any danger of fire or exploding.
3. Two steps of filtering lessens nozzle's block.
4. Glue barrel, with particularly designed structure, can rapidly melt solid glue.
5. The machine is designed to suit hot melt glue in various states & Shapes.
6. The glue spraying is rapid, stable and uniform.
7. Coating area can be easily controlled.



Technical Specification:
Model No. TX-834-2
Power Source 220V/50Hz
Heating Power 2.24 Kg
Main Air Pressure 2 Kg.
Operation Temperature Max.200oC
Melting Speed 8 Kg/Hr.
Cementing Strength 1000-2000 CPS
Volume of Glue Barrel 5 Kg.
Dimensions 720 * 400 * 1450 mm
Weight 40 Kg.