Glue Pressurized Container (Capacity of 20 Kgs).


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1. This machine is applied or the water-based glue and PU Glue.
2. The enclosed type design can effectively to prevent from the surface solidification and high density, it also improve the bad glue-coated and reduce waste on excess glue line, to avoid the cause of higher viscosity, glue go bad and lower its extension capacity.
3. This machine can save the actual use of PU glue and water-based glue about 20% and 8% respectively being effectively improve the working condition and air quality, as well as keep the health effects of all staffs.
4. This machine can improve working efficiency on above 8%, having full time for self review on its operation.
5. The gluing machine has kept stable glue consumption, glue remains and waste won't be occurred.



1. It shall be pressure discharged before the cover is open.
2. The gas transmission piping can't be allowed to have water gas to avoid the glue goes bad in the pressure tank.
3. Keep the gas pressure in 4kg/m2, and keep the gas of padal switch and piping in 2.5kg/m2
4. Keep the clean piping and make sure to wash the machine clean if it wasn't worked excess to 24 hrs. in order to prevent from blockage in the pipe somewhere.
5. The flexible piping shall be changed per 3 months in order to avoid glue leakage if it was damaged.
6. To handle the safe treatment of the water-based glue in order to prevent from the surrounding environmental pollution.