Universal Hydraulic Sole Attaching Machine


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1. The use of fully automatic machine hydraulic design pressure, with asolid.
2. Yagan auto, automatically generating positioning of apatent design of the shoes of facilitate unimpeded access to harves, and not to uppers damaged, besides general footwear, whether long-or semi-long-shoes, can easily operate and also pratical effect.
3 The biggest feature of this aircraft is floating design of the fuel tanks can meet soles 16 small primary position automatically extended with a 100% position closer to the end of the shoes with no back end.
4 Pressure of, and charges margin aroud gird may once completed, the individual can complete the packages designed shoes can apply a plan with three, high econimic returns, 0 8th shoes to appy non-wall style and the general pressure of the air sac style comparable.
5 Maintenance convenience, easy parts replacement, sacing money and improving efficiency.



Technical Specification:
Model No. LB-917 HD
Dimension (L * W * H) 1200 * 1150 * 1930 mm
Packing Size (L * W * H) 1350 * 1302 * 2150 mm
Capacity 2000 Pairs/8 hr
N. W. 1200 kg
G. W. 1400 kg
Load 2.25