Double Side Two Stories Infrared Conveyor


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1. The conveyer adopts two stories, enlarge the bottom above, the vamp is put blow, the oven can control and establish temperature independently in accordance with the difference of the material, heat it fast like this.
2. High in efficiency, It is 1/3 time of ordinary traditional electric heat oven, saved space and electric energy greatly.
3 Adopt and import low and dazzle and only filter and near the infrared ray (NIR) The light is in charge of, and can heat one floor of inside and outside of glue evenly, cooperate with the hot-blast circulatory system, very fast and steady.
4 Dry and activate the glue definitely.
5 Oven and brush glue location have inhale and discharge, can get rid of waste gas of oven effectively, guarantee the staff's physical and mental health, meet requirements for environmental protection.
6 Three color warning light (Red, Yellow, Green) Break, detect, examine system is can clearly to work, maintain, produce the state platform  of revealing etc., Safe Performance is high.
7 Adopt SCR analog 420 mmA, high accurate thermostatically control system, enables the luminance of temperature and infrared ray to get accurate control.
8 Stick to the bottom to keep the oven warm, make the glue molecule of the surface of shoes keep better motive force, enable and stick to the bottom result better.
9 Put the shoes shelf adjustably, is suitable for various shoes types.


* There are different length type for choice.




Technical Specification:
Model No. LB-919
Dimension (L * W * H) 1.2 * 20 m / 1.24 * 24 mm
Power 1.1/1.5 kw
Heating 9/12 kw
Capacity 2000/2400 Pairs / 8hr