Waist Folding and Trimming Machine


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1 This machine is folding and trimming for stitch down shoes, working shoes. Make mid sole attached with outsole.
2 The distance between two roils can be adjusted according to different shoe style.
3 Automatic roughing tool, save time and save labour.
4 A small heater is with the button roller. Make mid sole soft, easy to folding and trimming for edge.
5 The speed of button roller can be adjusted according to different experience.
6 Cutter can be moveable or un-moveable.



Technical Specification:
Model No. LB-031
Dimension (L * W * H) 750 * 860 * 1310 mm
N. W. 300 kg.
Voltage 380 V
Power 1.2 kw
Capacity 1500 pairs/ 8hr