Cover type Sole Attaching Machine


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This series of machine are suitable for strengthening the adhesion of the sole during it being glued, Going into operation, first regulate the required pressure with a relief valve and set the press holding time with a time delay relay then put the shoe with its bottom upwards in the air bucket. As soon as the bucket is locket the compressed air automatically fills it performing all-directional pressing to strengthen adhesion of the sole and once the operation is finished, automatically exhausts. Being simple to operate and economical, they are the ideal and necessary equipments for the shoe making manufacturing.
Technical Specification:
Model No. TX-2003
Power 220V 50Hz
Air Pressure 0.3-0.5 MPa
Compression Time 0-30S
Efficiency 0-180 pair/hour
Outline Dimensions 440 * 780 * 1130 mm
Weight 172 Kg