Auto Cementing Separating Sides & pounding machine


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  The machine adapts to integrative task of multi working procedure of the automatic edge division, cementing and pounding of joint of the material of pvc, PU leather, nature lather, synthetic leather and cloth material for shoes upper, cases, bag cell phone bag and all kinds of leather products. The machine can improve the work efficiency, reduce working procedure, and don't damage the material and other advantages.
1 This machine is the synthesis automatic electron gluing machine, the folding machine and the massage machine function integration improvement. The leather though this mchine automatically ties hands behind the back side the minute, spreads the hammer to be even time takes shape. Enhance the working efficiency, reduce the working produre, machine quite ten person of works, moreover side the minute spreads evenly, does not injury the lining.
2 This machine uses the hot melt adhesive, may save on the crepe rubber, the yellow rubber enters the oven time and conforms to the environment protection requirement.
3 The electronic control hot melt rubber temperature, the rubber felling resistance automatic control rubber, leaves the rubber quantity stably and accurate, speed at will.
4 This machine is suitable for the different body work, the adjustment is convenient. It is easy to operate for staffs.
5 Uses the Taiwan electron motor, the performance stably, the failure rate is low.



Technical Specification:
Model No. TX-296
Voltage 220V 50-60 Hz
Power 0.45 kw
Power 0.65 kw
Dimension (L * W * H) 1200 * 550 * 1200 mm
Weight 113 kg