9 Pincer Hydraulic Toe Lasting Machine


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Outstanding Feature:
1. All around forming band and specially tracked wipers ensure uppers more evenly and closely attached to lasts after lasting. No protrusion will happen so the surface becomes more beautiful, and the quality is upgraded.
2. The mechanism of toe part pressing pad adopts adjustable 2-stage pressure. The design of compound cylinder helps shoes reach the best quality of the proceedings of wiper lasting and final pressing and ensure the smoothness of shoe lasting feather edge. There are two pressing methods for the first pressure of toe pad pressing mechanism. The consistent pressing function makes the lasting process smoothly. The position fixed function makes the lasting process smoothly. The position fixed function avoids the over lasting and pulling down of toe uppers when using the soft leather.
3. Each set of pincers can be individually adjusted to their corresponding positions and be functioned with automatic balancing. Besides an automatic down pulling stroke can be selected and controlled according to be tension of the uppers.
4. The 9 independent pincers can be individually adjusted to cope with the lasting of any shape of shoe toes. The automatic balance advancing are the very key points for upgrading the quality and raising the production capacity.
5. The wipers are functioned with inching movement and speed adjustment, which makes the whole adjustment of lasting control more convenient.
6. The machine is equipped with cross projector assembly, which is convention for correcting toe lasting and helps new Customer to easily operate the machine.
7. The last support plate is functioned with two-stage rising mechanism which can prevent the lasts slip off in conjunction with the action of heel supporter.
8. The rapid installing and releasing structure for pincers can finish the whole process within 30 seconds.
9. The mid pincers can be adjusted 10O both to the right and the left according to the shape of toes.
10. The height of the last support plate is remotely controlled there is a numerical instruction provided for reference which makes the operation easier and more efficient.
11. The lasting adjustment works without any tool. It is indicated on the rulers for graduation and position.
12. The pressure and speed for each mechanism are adjusted and the pressure gage is also installed at the outside of the machine. Which makes the operation and adjustment more conveniently.
13. The rising speed of last support plate is two-stage automatically transferring which can upgrade the production efficiency for the easy broken uppers.
14. The newly designed forward-and-backward adjusting mechanism for last plates can quickly adjust the corresponding position of last support plates and mid pincers according to the different sizes for shoes.
15. Rotary pincers the fifth pincers can rotate inward when the wipers move in and last the shoes. The rotary angle can be adjusted. which will help the upper at ball point more stretched and attached to the last. Then, the shoes will be lasted and finished perfectly.
16. Speedy adjustment of pincers fixed plate The pincers fixed plate adopts the double-tracking structure. it is independently adjusted on the right and the left. The rotary point of pincers fixed plate is located at the joint between the first and second pincers. The curve in between the first and second pincers. The curve in between will not be changed when the groups of right and left pincers are adjusted which will made the uppers more attached to the lasts.
Technical Specification:
Model No. LB-737A
Dimension (L * W * H) 1710 * 950 * 1950 mm
Packing Size (L * W * H) 1760 * 1000 * 2160 mm
Capacity 2000 (Pairs)/8 Hr
N. W. 1100 Kgs
G. W. Gross weight will be provided when delivery
Power 2 HP
Heating 1000 W
Oil Pressure 50kg/cm2
Hydraulic Oil 115 liters