Flight Marking Machine.

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1. Its State-of-the-art industrial laser technology, completely change the mode of food, medicines and other markers of the packaging industry. The challenge to replace the traditional Ink-Jet printing, imprinted mark design, imported metal fully enclosed CO210W/30W low-power laser, performance of high-speed stability, air-cooled, maintenance-free laser sustainable 30000-40000 working hours. Precision galvanometer scanning system, prepared in a variety of packaging surface, any location, direction indicator carve the desired content. Online marking of long range to meet the marking requirements. System operations of the soul of the core to full meet the marking requirements of dynamic and static, the use of simple, flexible and convenient, Applicable to all kinds of paper, metal, plastic, wood, glass and other materials on the surface of permanent market to flexible and convenient. Applicable to all kinds of paper, metal, plastic, wood, glass and other materials on the surface of permanent marker to portable Chinese and western text, Arabic numerals, symbols, patterns and bar code. Compact composite structure from the small space accounted for. Simple structure, easy to install on the production line. Permanent marker, clear, clean and dry static, environmental pollution. Low consumption low maintenance costs. 24 hours in real time marking. Off-line operation, easy manipulation.

Offline Running Manipulation.

Real time network software, operating system, start fast, 20 seconds after entering the state of the marking. Easy network connection, a host computer can operate multiple laser marking terminal. Marking system can be closed at any time. Close long-range type of online marking manipulation operations. Stable and reliable system mode.



Technical Specification:
Model HM-F10
Model HM-F30
Laser Power
< 10W
< 20W
Laser wavelength
Beam Quality M
< 1.4
< 1.8
Standard Engraving Area
70mm x 70mm
110mm x 110mm
Optional Engraving Area

70mm x 70mm

110mm x 110mm

70mm x 70mm

110mm x 110mm

Total Power
Minimum Line Width
Repetition Precision
+ 0.0001mm
+ 0.0001 mm
Demand For Electricity
AC 90-250V/50Hz 5A
AC 90-250V/50Hz 10A
Engraving Speed

System Dimensions

(L x W x H)

850mm x 450mm 1180mm
850mm x 450mm 1180mm
Host System Size
850mm x 4500mm x 1180mm
850mm x 450mm x 1180mm
Cooling System