Hydraulic Heel Seat Lasting Machine

LB-727 HD

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Outstanding Feature:
1. This machine is suitable for lasting the shoes with general and soft mod soles and with the heels at the height less than 180mm.
2. This machine is equipped with the device of lasting height micro switch, which makes the machine easily adjusted and positioned accurately.
3. We have full sizes of wipers and forming bands to fit any shape of shoes. The forming bands are wrapped by chain and can accordingly produce a good forming effect.
4. This machine adopts gears, gear racks and ratchets to quickly and precisely adjust the auxiliary supporter.
5. The second time and pressing of the last supporter works with the wiper heating device to increase the lasting effect. It smooth's the lasting areas and upgrades the quality of the shoes.



Technical Specification:
Model No. LB-727 HD
Dimension (L * W * H) 1130 * 750 * 1450 mm
Packing Size (L * W * H) 1220 * 760 * 1700 mm
Capacity 3000-3500 (Pairs)/8 Hr
N. W. 440 Kgs
G. W. Gross weight will be provided when delivery
Power 2 HP
Load 1.5 KW
Heating 1000 W
Oil Pressure 40kg/cm2
Hydraulic Oil 50 liters