Automatic Travel Head Cutting Press.


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Use and Characteristics:
1. The machine is applicable to continuous operation of nonmetal rolled materials of same specifications and large batches by die cutter. It can be used in such industries as sports articles, abrasives and abrasive tools, medial equipment, clothing, shoes, caps, cultural articles, etc.
2. The servo motor is adopted to control the horizontal movement of cutting head and the multi layer materials are cutting of materials and the displacement distance of cutting head and feeding length can be accurately set on the human-machine interface, which has solved the problem of inaccurate materials layering and length during the feeding of multi layer materials.
3. The machine has various working modes such as manual, semi-automatic and automatic modes. The workers need only to pick up the finished materials, with labour intensity reduced and work efficiency enhanced.
4. The machine has cutting modes of stagger, stagger blade reducing, die cutter rotation, etc. which can be save 10%-15% of row materials.
5. As the machine is controlled by microcomputer with high automation degree, only one worker is required for the whole machine, so that the production efficiency can be enhanced by 3-5 times and the power can be saved by 1/3.
6 In conjunction with the die cutter height setting, the special setting mechanism makes the travel adjustment simple and accurate.
7 Products of special specifications can be made to order.


1. Cutting board micro-Movement device.

2. Rolled Materials uncoiler.



Technical Specification:
Model No. HSD/Q-250
Maximum Cutting Force 250 KN
Area of Work Table (mm) 1800 * 500
Dimension of Press Head (mm) 500 * 500
Adjustable Travel (mm) 5-150
Main Motor Power 2.2 KW
Machine Dimensions (mm) 2200 * 620 * 2000
Weight (approx.) 2300 KG