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Use and Characteristics:
1. Gantry Frame structure made of profile steel is adopted, with high intensity and without deformation.
2. The cutting head can automatically move horizontally, with excellent operating visual field and safe and reliable operation.
3. The hydraulic System specially designed with featured by low noise and low oil consumption.
4. The lifting position of pressing board can be freely set to reduce idle travel and enhance work efficiency.
5. The movement of cutting head is controlled by automatic speed variation to realize flexible movement with high speed and accurate positioning and without impact.
6 Differential oil way is adopted to allow rapid and convenient cutting.
7 Products of special specifications can be customized.
8 Avoid Accident due to auto break system.
9 Production capacity increase because of auto break system.

Machine has all branded items

Multi Span
Ultra Premium

1. Over Load Relay

2. Contractor

Limit Switch
Batch Counting Meter
Hydraulic Power Pack
Gear Box


Technical Specification:
Model No. BSM-73SH
Maximum Cutting Force 25 Ton
Area of Work Table (in) 62 * 20
Cutting Head Area (in) 19 * 19
Stock Adjusting Range Up to 7 inch
Flunch Motor 3 hp, 1440 rpm
Hydraulic Valve Pump Yuken, Japan Brand
Direction Valve Yuken, Japan Brand
Hydraulic Oil Capacity 60 Ltrs.
Punching Board Size (in) 60 * 20 * 3
Electronics Parts Connector, Relay, MCV & Limit Switch etc.
Stock Capacity In every 2 seconds