Laser & Engraving Machine with Water Cool Chillar Non Metal


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1. It may control the engraving length by adjusting the last output cower and can mark the surface of processing materials while engrave and cut the product deeply.
2. The laser-engraved words and pictures are delicate. The repetition precision is 0.001mm, It can meet the requirements for the finest engraving and is especially suitable for exquisite and noble craft gifts.
3. For software is with function of automatic coding, it may mark various serial numbers date and time, the marks may be done on most non-materials etc.



Technical Specification:
Working Area. 200 mm * 200 mm
300 mm * 300 mm
480 mm * 480 mm
Marking Method Plane
Laser Power 30w, 50w, 75w, 100w
Repetition Precision + 0.0001 mm
The smallest Characters 0.8 mm
Linear Making Speed 7000 mm/s
Response Time 0.8 ms
Cooling way Air Cooled or water cooled
Working Temperature 0o C-45oC
Working Humidity 5-95% (Non-condensed water)