Computerized Pattern Sewing Machine.

TX-342G / TX-326G / TX-311G

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  1. The Main Driving Motor is Panasonic Direct drive servo 450W/750W. It has strong puncture force, less noise, high-speed, moving stability and reduce the energy.
  2. This system have instructional videos, parts, drawing, instruction manual, malfunction diagnosis and machine maintenance. It is high humanization time-saving and labor-saving.
  3. It is the first one which can speak Chinese and English in the world and it have five inch of high-clearly liquid crystal touch-pad display panel, high luminance LED display.
  4. The control system can show the temperature, voltage, monitor alarm and intelligence protection system.
  5. The speed of the count can improve these times, it is delicacy and faster.
  6. The double operation interface, if you haven't the panel, It can still work with the panel board which is on the control box.
  7. SD memory card.
  8. The intelligence USB Interface.
  9. The liquid crystal touch-pad display panel.
  10. It can work stability in the condition of 90V-60V, it adopt the spares of low power, the highest temperature is not surpass the 65 degree in the long time worked.
  11. The main spares parts of the whole set are from Japan.


  TX-342G TX-326G TX-311G
Sewing Area 300mm × 200mm 220mm × 100mm 130mm × 100mm
Max. Sewing Speed 2500 rpm 2500 rpm 2500 rpm
Sewing Speed Selection 200-2500 rpm, (10 steps variable)
Stitch Length 0.1-12.7mm (Min gap 0.1mm)
Max. Number of Stitches 800 stitches/pattern
Scale-up/down function 10-200% for each X.&Y.axis(0.1% increment/step)
Needle Sp × 17 19# Dp × 17 19#(standard)
The Spindle bed Rotary Hook Rotary Hook Rotary Hook
Pressure foot system pneumatic pneumatic pneumatic
Increase the amount of external pressure foot 32 mm
Automatic increase in the amount of foot pressure 20 mm
Pressure foot exercise 4-10 mm
Main driving motor the panasonic direct drive servo 750W
Power Supply alternating current 220V, with the ground connection protect
Measurement (L × W × H) 1200mm × 920mm × 1170mm 1200mm × 1060mm × 1270mm 1220mm × 700mm × 590mm
Mass 145 kg 170 kg 200 kg
Function and advantage Wide scope of application. Stable performance strong. Be suitable for a variety of difficult moves, stepper motor in the automatic presser foot height adjustment device, 750W direct-drive servo motor, speed, labor-saving
Usage Swing the leather, bags, shoes, and athletics equipment etc.
Packaging Carton Packaging
After Service The whole set grantee one year, keep in good repair lifelong and follow the tracks of the technique service.