9 Pincer Hydraulic Toe Lasting Machine (Without Cement). NEW LATEST MODEL


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Use and Characteristics:     

1.       Last Support Double rise:

          Prevent Last From Slipping Down, Fit the last on toe area.

2.       Pressure Toe Pad:

          Son fenale oilcan force average can distance glue, influences of ill, glue about balance and all shoes apply.

3.       Balanced pricer shape adjustment:

          Provide balanced pincer shaping mechanism.

4.       Instant support high-low adjustment:

          Slide orbit shife, accurate position fine-tuning.

5.       Balance besides prop up dails:

           Be good for shoe tree balance,  hit and shoe tree completeness assort.

6.       Claw strain adjustment:

           Balance the tension on upper manually at any point.

7.       3-4 Claw automatic pull down:

          Arbitrariness adjust next journey, employ vamp press close to shoe tree.

8.       Claw nip device:

          By tail datum combine nicety machining, serried to 100% not rust not prat.

9.       Framework indicator light:

          Clarity inspect a piece enginery turn.

Technical Specification:
Model No. LB-925A
Dimension (L * W * H) 1650 * 950 * 1950 mm
Packing Size (L * W * H)

1770 * 1050 * 2170 mm

Capacity 2000 (Pairs)/8 Hr
N. W. 850 Kgs
G. W. Gross weight will be provided when delivery
Power 2 HP
Heating 4000 W
Oil Pressure 50 Kg / cm 2