Plastic Mould & Air Bag Mould Machine


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  • Suitable for molding any type of material.
  • After molding, it makes the lining, film, upper get more closer attaching and without wrinkle, no deformation, no foaming.
  • Adjustable drop-down clamper makes upper and shoe last more closely attaching.
  • Mold temperature can be adjusted according to demand.
  • Projection lamp can get the most accurate positioning.
  • The slip-lasted shoes after pre-molding, makes the middle sole stitching accurate calibrating.
  • The upper without deflecting, the center line is accurate, makes slip-lasting easier, improve quality and efficiency.
  • Heating and then cooling of molding process which maintain molding effect for more long time.
  • High efficiency and environmental protection refrigeration system, fast cooling speed, super low temperature ensure the molding quality.
  • The mold could be customized according to the shoe last to achieve the best molding effect.
  • Plastic mould type and air bag type is selected according to different upper demand from customer. also air bag combined with plastic mold, no need to change the upper mold when use air bag type will save cost, the plastic mold type with better effect.
  • Could according to the demand of customer's production and upper to choose molding machine with different station quantity.
  • Accept customized according to special demand.
Dimension (L×W×H) 890×2300×2000mm
Weight 660kg
Voltage 380V/50Hz
Power 7kW
Air Pressure 0.6MPa
Capacity 1500 pairs/8Hrs.