Applicator for Latex/ Water based Adhesive

Even & precise glue coating for leather, fabric, paper and more. Powered by an electric motor, perfect for footwear, packaging, textiles & stationery industry. Compact, durable design ensures reliable performance.


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  • Glue Tank Capacity- 0.5 Ltr
  • Application Roller: The Machine is equipped with 10 Inch roller. The Rollers spreads the glue evenly over the surface of the material being bonded.
  • This adhesive applicator is suitable for whole coating only.
  • It can be used for materials such as Leather, Insole Board, Stationery, Cardboards, Shoe components, Eva sheets etc.


Model No. BS-103
Power 220V/50HZ
Motor Power 250W
Gluing Width 0-260 mm
Outline Dimensions 460 x 280 x 290mm
Weight 30Kg


The Latex Adhesive Applicator (Roller Type) is relatively low-maintenance, regular cleaning and lubrication is recommended to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Safety Considerations

  • Safety Guards: The machine has a safety guard to prevent contact with the rollers and other moving parts.
  • Proper Training: Operators should receive proper training on the operation and safety of the machine.
  • Electrical Safety: Ensure that the machine is properly grounded, and electrical connections are secure to prevent electrical shocks.


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