Chiller (Conveyor Type)

Introducing the Conveyor Chiller, a cutting-edge solution for the footwear manufacturing industry. This innovative machine is designed to deliver exceptional cooling performance and efficiency, ensuring high-quality results for your production process.

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  • Conveyor Speed Control System: The Danfoss adjusted high efficiency cooling control system enables precise control over conveyor speed, ensuring smooth and efficient operation.
  • Strong Freezing and Wind Circulation: The machine’s strong freezing system and high-speed wind circulation enable rapid cooling of shoes, reaching a temperature of -15°C for quick and efficient cooling.
  • 5 Ton Cooling Compressor: Equipped with a powerful 5-ton cooling compressor, the machine ensures consistent cooling performance and reliability.
  • Electric Panel with Special Technology: The electric panel incorporates special technology and branded accessories for enhanced efficiency and durability.


Model No. BS-238
Dimensions (inches) 126 x 65 x 43
Weight (kg) 450
Voltage 5 kW
Motor 1 HP 1440 RPM
Gear Box Ratio 40:1
Cooling Area (feet) 7.5
Capacity (pairs / 10 hr) 1500
Cooling Temperature Upto -15°C


Regular maintenance is recommended to ensure optimal performance. This includes routine cleaning, lubrication of moving parts, inspection of electrical connections, and monitoring compressor performance.

Safety Considerations

  • Place the machine on a stable and level surface.
  • Disconnect power supply before performing maintenance or repairs.
  • Keep hands and body parts away from moving parts and the cooling area.
  • Follow electrical safety guidelines.
  • In case of issues or malfunctions, immediately shut off the machine and seek professional assistance.


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