Tape Folding Machine

A motorized and efficient solution designed for precise tape folding. This machine features two rollers with an integrated folder attachment system, allowing you to effortlessly fold tapes and ribbons.


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  • Motorized Operation: The machine is motorized for smooth and consistent folding, ensuring high productivity and efficiency.
  • Integrated Folder Attachment: The built-in folder attachment system simplifies the folding procedure and maintains accuracy.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for folding various types of tapes and ribbons, meeting your specific folding requirements.
  • Precise and Neat Folds: The machine guarantees precise and neat folds, enhancing the appearance and quality of your folded tapes.
  • Easy to Operate: User-friendly design makes the machine easy to operate, reducing the learning curve and streamlining the folding process.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted with robust materials, the tape folding machine is built to withstand continuous use and ensure long-lasting performance.


Model No. BS-12
Power 0.5 kW
Roller Width 135 mm
Net Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 300 x 380 x 420 mm


The tape folding machine is relatively low-maintenance, regular cleaning and lubrication is recommended to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Safety Considerations

  • Safety Guards: The machine has a safety guard to prevent contact with the rollers and other moving parts.
  • Proper Training: Operators should receive proper training on the operation and safety of the machine.
  • Electrical Safety: Ensure that the machine is properly grounded, and electrical connections are secure to prevent electrical shocks.


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