Paragon Footwear Expands Retail Presence and Aims for Higher Average Selling Price

New Delhi: Paragon, the renowned footwear brand, is undertaking a significant retail expansion to strengthen its market position and attract more customers. With a target of reaching 150 stores by the end of this fiscal year, Paragon plans to open 28 outlets within the next 3 months, surpassing the 100-store milestone.

Notably, Paragon recently unveiled its flagship store in Bengaluru, featuring a large-format design.

These stores serve as exclusive brand outlets for Paragon’s sub-brands and are operated through franchise and company-owned formats. As part of their retail strategy, Paragon is focusing on larger outlets spanning 1,500 square feet and above, while gradually transitioning away from smaller stores. Nakul Joseph, Executive VP of Retail and HR at Paragon Footwear, shared this shift in their approach.

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