Bally Flex Tester

This is a tool for assessing the flexing resistance of leather used in the production of vamps, clothing materials, and bags. With a flexing angle of 22.5° and a test speed of 100CMP, it scrutinizes leather’s durability and performance, recording the time taken for flexing-resistance. Whether evaluating cracks or endurance under fixed times, this tester’s memory function enhances precision, accommodating multiple specimens concurrently.


  • Robust Flexing Examination: Assesses the flexing-resistance of leather, crucial for vamp, clothing, and bag production.
  • Variable Flexing Angle: Precise 22.5° flexing angle ensures consistency in testing conditions.
  • Memory Function: Enables multi-specimen testing with recorded flexing times, enhancing efficiency.
  • Custom Specimen Testing: Accommodates varied specimen quantities for tailored evaluations.
  • Counter with Auto Shut-off: LCD counter records up to 99,999,999 flexing cycles, turning off automatically.
  • Durable Build: Crafted with precision for reliability, including angle regulation zero-returning device and protection guard.


Parameter Details
Brand BSM India
Angle of Oscillation of Grips 22.5 ± 0.5 Degree
Dimension of Test Specimens 70 x 45 mm
Display Type Digital
Flexing Frequency 100 ± 5 cycles/minute
Motor Power 0.5 HP
Phase Single or Three
Display Digital
Country of Origin Made in India


  • Regular Inspection: Periodically examine the device for wear, ensuring its optimal performance.
  • Lubrication: Keep movable parts well-lubricated to ensure smooth functioning.

Safety Considerations

  • Operational Safety: Follow the prescribed guidelines while operating the tester to prevent accidents.
  • Stability: Ensure the machine is placed on a stable surface to avoid unintended movement.
  • Power Off: Disconnect the power supply and allow the machine to cool before maintenance work.


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