Cover Type Sole Press Machine (with PLC System)

This machine is designed for efficient and cost-effective sole pressing operations. Utilizing a fully pneumatic system, this machine offers significant advantages in terms of energy savings, reduced maintenance costs, and enhanced performance compared to traditional hydraulic presses.

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  • Pneumatic Operation: The entire machine operates pneumatically, resulting in substantial cost savings, including savings on electricity, hydraulic oil, and maintenance costs.
  • Zero Maintenance Accessories: With a full pneumatic base press, the machine eliminates the need for motors, oil pumps, solenoid valves, and other accessories, resulting in almost zero failure rate and maintenance costs.
  • Extended Rubber Mold Life: The reduction in contact between oil and the rubber mold extends the service life of the mold, offering twice the lifespan compared to similar products.
  • Oil-Free Operation: Since the machine is fully pneumatic, there is no oil leakage, ensuring that the shoe upper remains free from contamination.
  • Heat-Free Operation: The pneumatic system does not generate heat energy during use, contributing to a cooler workshop environment and enhancing operator comfort.


Model Number BS-2003-2M
Air Pressure 6-7 KG/cm2
Compression Time 0-30 s
Efficiency 400 Pair/Hour
Power 0.2 kW
Voltage 220V/50Hz
Net Weight 650 KG
Size 1175 x 960 x 1810 mm


  • Regular cleaning and lubrication of the machine’s filter regulator lubricator (FRL) & moving parts to ensure smooth and efficient operation.
  • Routine inspection and replacement of pressing bladders.
  • Routine inspection of electrical and mechanical components for signs of wear or damage
  • Replacement of worn or damaged parts as necessary to avoid safety hazards and maintain optimal performance.

Safety Considerations

  • Make sure there are no pointed object in contact with the pressing bladders, this may cause damage to the bladders.
  • Keeping loose clothing, jewellery, and long hair away from the machine’s moving parts to avoid entanglement.
  • Properly training personnel on the safe operation and maintenance of the machine


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