Hot & Cold – Fusing & Embossing Machine (12 Ton)

This machine is equipped with a Hot and Cold System, offering a hydro-pneumatic solution for efficient and precise TPU fusing. Its adjustable heating and cooling temperature, pressure, and pressure timing enable optimal results for various TPU applications.

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  • Hot and Cold System: Ensures strong and durable fusing with effective bonding and quick cooling of TPU materials.
  • Adjustable Heating Temperature: Precisely control the fusing process for different TPU materials, ensuring optimal bonding without compromising integrity.
  • Adjustable Cooling Temperature: Efficiently cool and solidify the fused TPU materials, enhancing strength and durability.
  • Adjustable Pressure and Pressure Timing: Customize pressure and its duration during fusing for precise and consistent results.
  • Hydro Pneumatic Operation: Smooth and reliable performance with consistent pressure, reducing operator fatigue and enhancing productivity.


Model No. BS-605-2
Voltage AC380V/50HZ
Power 20KW 3 Phase
Running Load 12-13 Kw
Air Pressure 0.5 MPA
Chiller Capacity 2 Ton
Temperature Accuracy +3°C
Plate Pressure 12 Ton (Double Pressure)
Working Area 406 x 609 mm
Fusing Time 8-30 Second (Depends On The Type of Material)
Heating Plate Top & Bottom Heating
Cooling Plate Top & Bottom Cooling
Machine Size (mm) 2000 x 1930 x 863 mm
Net Weight 1450 kg


  • Regular Cleaning: Remove dust, debris, or adhesive residue from the machine using appropriate cleaning agents and tools.
  • Lubrication: Lubricate pneumatic components and moving parts to maintain smooth operation and prolong the machine’s life span.
  • Inspection and Adjustment: Regularly inspect for wear, loose connections, or damaged components. Tighten or replace parts as needed.
  • Trained Operator: Provide comprehensive training on machine maintenance procedures to operators, including cleaning, lubrication, and routine inspections.

Safety Considerations

  • Operator Protection: Prioritize operator safety with appropriate safety goggles, gloves, and protective clothing. Operators should follow all safety guidelines.
  • Electrical Safety: Ensure proper grounding and stable power source connection. Avoid exposure to water or moisture and inspect electrical components regularly.
  • Hot Surface Hazards: Avoid direct contact with hot surfaces and allow sufficient time for cooling before maintenance or adjustments.
  • Temperature Control: Use the recommended temperature range for the material being fused. Calibrate and monitor temperature controls regularly.
  • Ventilation: Maintain proper ventilation in the working area to dissipate fumes or heat. Ensure the exhaust system functions effectively and the workspace is well-ventilated.


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