Hydraulic Seat Lasting Machine (with Cement)

This Machine is a crucial tool for achieving proper shape and lasting of shoe uppers. With its hydraulic pressure system, it enhances efficiency and delivers high-quality results. Its advanced features and sturdy construction make it indispensable in the footwear industry.

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  • The hydraulic seat lasting machine is designed for lasting shoes with heels up to 100mm in height.
  • Equipped with an auto cementing feature, it applies glue and lasts the back part of the shoe automatically.
  • The micro switch device, this machine allows for easy and accurate adjustment and positioning.
  • Our machine comes with a wiper and forming band to fit any shoe shape.
  • The auxiliary supporter can be quickly and precisely adjusted using gears, racks, and ratchets.
  • The machine has dual pressure system resulting in a smoother lasting area and superior shoe quality.


Model No. BS-727A
Dimension 1130 x 750 x 1450mm
Capacity 150 Pairs/ hour
N. W. 440 Kgs
Power 2 HP
Heating 1000 W
Oil Pressure 40kg/cm2
Hydraulic Oil 70 liters (68 No.)


  • Regularly clean and lubricate the machine to prevent dust and dirt from building up, which can cause damage or malfunction.
  • Inspect the machine regularly for any signs of wear and tear or damage, and promptly address any issues that are identified.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule for the machine, including regular oil changes and filter replacements.
  • Only use the machine for its intended purpose, and do not exceed its stated capacity or capabilities.
  • Train all operators on how to safely and effectively use the machine and ensure that they understand the importance of following proper maintenance procedures.

Safety Considerations

  • Ensure that the machine is properly grounded before use to prevent electrical hazards.
  • Do not operate the machine without proper training or authorization.
  • Keep hands and loose clothing away from moving parts of the machine.
  • Turn off the machine and disconnect it from its power source before performing any maintenance or repairs.


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