Automatic Screen Printing Machine

This machine is a precision printing solution designed for high-speed and accurate printing on various materials such as metal, glass, plastic, ceramic, and card sheets.

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  • Stainless Steel Cabinet: Provides durability and protection for the machine body, ensuring long-term reliability.
  • Vacuum Working Table: Electroplated to ensure stability and precision during printing, with a built-in 4-digit automatic counter for accurately tracking printing quantity.
  • Adjustable Parameters: Cross stroke, spacing, scraper angle, and ink cover blades can be adjusted to customize printing settings according to specific requirements.
  • Taiwan Electronic Switch: Allows for precise cross stroke and spacing adjustment, enhancing printing accuracy and consistency.
  • Scraper Constant Pressure Equipment: Ensures stable pressure during printing, resulting in uniform and high-quality prints.
  • Adjustable Worktable: Enables flexible positioning of the worktable back and forth or right and left, providing versatility for different printing tasks.
  • Vacuum Stainless Steel Work Table: Can absorb various film products, enhancing stability and precision during printing processes.


Model Number BS-840
Maximum Screen Frame Size 350x300mm
Printing Speed 1200-1300 times/hour
Products Height 100mm
Printing Accuracy ±0.03mm
Workbench Vertical and Horizontal Adjustment 50mm
Air Source 5/6 liters/min (6bar)
Power 220V/110V
Outside Dimension 800x400x750mm


  • Regular Cleaning: Keep the machine clean and free of debris to prevent interference with its operation.
  • Lubrication: Lubricate moving parts as needed to ensure smooth and efficient operation.
  • Inspection: Regularly inspect components such as the screen frame, scraper, and ink cover blades for signs of wear or damage, and replace if necessary.
  • Air Source Maintenance: Maintain the air source system by checking for leaks, cleaning filters, and ensuring proper pressure levels.
  • Electrical Safety Check: Regularly inspect electrical components and connections to ensure safe and reliable operation.

Safety Considerations

  • Operator Training: Ensure operators are trained on the safe and proper operation of the machine, including adjustment of parameters and emergency procedures.
  • Protective Gear: Operators should wear appropriate protective gear, including safety glasses and gloves, to prevent injuries during operation.
  • Caution with Moving Parts: Exercise caution when working with moving parts such as the screen frame and scraper to avoid accidents.
  • Emergency Procedures: Familiarize all operators with emergency shutdown procedures and first aid measures in case of accidents.


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