Hot Melt Adhesive Melter (Motorized)

This Hot Melt Glue Melter is engineered with a unique appearance design and compact structure, ensuring both efficiency and safety in adhesive application processes. With its mechanical and electrical separation and hinge structure, equipment maintenance is made convenient.

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  • Unique Design: Compact and ergonomic design ensures efficiency and safety in operation.
  • Mechanical and Electrical Separation: Allows for easy maintenance, enhancing the longevity of the equipment.
  • Precision Pump Control: Utilizes a two-way pump control system to meet diverse application needs accurately.
  • Intelligent Temperature Control: Features a graphic interface for precise temperature adjustment, ensuring optimal adhesive performance.
  • External Flow Valve Design: Allows for convenient and safe regulation of adhesive flow, enhancing usability and safety.


Model Number BS-QP5s
Voltage 220V
Air Pressure 0.5 – 4 Kg/cm²
Power 2.2 Kw
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Glue Tank Capacity 5 LITER
Number of Rubber Tubes 2
Max. Glue Melting Rate 6 Kg/hour
Max. Operating Temperature 200°C
Pump Type Electromagnetic Pump
Weight 35 Kg
Dimensions 482x300x624 mm



  • Weekly Cleaning: Weekly clean the machine and adhesive tank to prevent adhesive buildup and contamination.
  • Temperature Control: Check and adjust the temperature control regularly to ensure that the machine is operating at the correct temperature.
  • Lubrication: Lubricate the moving parts of the machine regularly to prevent wear and tear and ensure smooth operation.
  • Inspect Rollers: Inspect the rollers regularly for wear and damage and replace them if necessary.
  • Replace Worn Parts: Replace any worn or damaged parts immediately to prevent further damage and ensure safe operation.

Safety Considerations

  • Personal Protective Equipment: Operators should wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves and aprons to prevent contact with hot adhesive and reduce the risk of injury.
  • Emergency Stop Button: The machine has an emergency stop button in case of an emergency.
  • Safety Guards: The machine has a safety guard to prevent contact with the rollers and other moving parts.
  • Proper Training: Operators should receive proper training on the operation and safety of the machine.
  • Electrical Safety: Ensure that the machine is properly grounded, and electrical connections are secure to prevent electrical shocks.
  • Fire Safety: Store the hot melt adhesive in a safe and secure location away from heat sources and open flames to prevent fires.


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