Steamer/ Humidifier (6 Nozzles) (Stainless Steel Body)

The 6-nozzle Steamer/Humidifier is expertly designed to soften shoe uppers effectively. Its heavy-duty heaters generate steam within 5 to 7 minutes, ensuring efficient production.

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  • Swift Softening: Experience quick and thorough upper softening through stable high-temperature steam and dry heat.
  • Water Shortage Alarm: The built-in alarm warns workers of water shortages, ensuring steam stability and production quality.
  • Longevity and Durability: Crafted with a stainless-steel body, our machine offers longevity, standing up to demanding use. Specifications:


Model BS – 955
Voltage 380V, 50Hz, three-phase
Power 6 kW
Capacity 2000-2500 pairs/8hrs
Machine Size 1060 x 500 x 1450 mm
Weight 60 kg


  • Water Source: Use only fresh drinking water to prevent damage to the heaters; avoid grounds water.
  • Regular Refilling: Ensure consistent water levels to safeguard heating elements from damage.
  • Periodic Inspection: Regularly examine the machine for wear, tear, or electrical wiring issues.
  • Professional Repairs: In case of malfunction, only trained technicians should repair the machine.

Safety Considerations

  • Protective Gear: Operators must wear gloves to prevent accidents or injuries during usage.
  • Stable Placement: Set the machine on a stable surface to prevent tipping or falling.
  • Cooling Period: Power down and allow the machine to cool before conducting maintenance. Ensure safe and efficient 


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