Computerized Zig-Zag Sewing Machine

This is a cutting-edge solution designed for precision sewing tasks, particularly suited for medium-thick leather applications. With its high-quality computer control screen and intelligent technology, this machine offers advanced features such as automatic shearing, pin setting, needle fixing, and reverse seam functionality.

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  • High-Quality Computer Control Screen: Equipped with an HD screen for intuitive operation and advanced control features.
  • Automatic Functions: Offers automatic shearing, pin setting, needle fixing, reverse seam, feeding, lifting foot, and needle clamping for enhanced efficiency.
  • Needle Swing Range: Provides precise control with a needle swing range of 2 points/9mm.
  • Direct Drive Servo Motor: Features an energy-saving servo motor for stable performance and adjustable speed control, ensuring quiet operation and better electricity savings.
  • Embedded Computer Display: Utilizes a high-definition LCD large screen display for intuitive parameter adjustments and monitoring.
  • Standard Imported Needle: Equipped with high-precision presser foot and imported needles for superior hardness, toughness, and stitching accuracy.


Model No. BS-1530BTF
Working Voltage 220V/50Hz
Motor Servo motor, 550W
Weight 73kg
Thickness Range 0.6-3mm
Needle Pitch 0.1mm-5mm
Presser Foot Lifting Height 6mm
Sewing Line Zigzag line
Maximum Speed 2000r/min


  • Regular cleaning and lubrication to ensure smooth operation.
  • Inspection of motor and electrical components for signs of wear or damage.
  • Calibration of settings and parameters for optimal performance.
  • Professional servicing for complex components or technical issues.

Safety Considerations

  • Operator training on safe machine operation and emergency procedures.
  • Use of appropriate protective gear, including gloves and safety glasses.
  • Avoiding loose clothing or accessories that could get caught in moving parts.
  • Ensuring proper grounding and electrical safety measures are in place.


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