Edge Burnishing & Finishing Machine

This is a versatile and convenient tool designed to achieve smooth and polished edges on leather straps and components. This portable machine is equipped with an adjustable digital temperature controller and a heavy-duty heater for longevity and even heating. It finds applications in various industries, including belt, wallet and handbag manufacturing, enhancing the quality and aesthetics of leather goods.


  • Edge Smoothing: The primary function of the Edge Burnishing Machine is to burnish the edges of leather straps and components, creating a smooth and polished finish. This process enhances the overall appearance and quality of leather goods.
  • Adjustable Temperature: The machine features an adjustable digital temperature controller, allowing precise temperature settings based on the type of leather or material being processed. This ensures consistent and effective edge burnishing.
  • Portability: With its compact and portable design, this machine is easy to move and position within your workspace. It offers convenience and flexibility in various production environments.
  • Heavy-Duty Heater: The inclusion of a heavy-duty heater ensures longevity and even heating across the edge burnishing surface, contributing to the machine’s reliability and durability.


Model BS-1990
Electricity 220V, 50-60 Hz
Power Consumption 500 W
Net Weight 23 kg
Dimensions 300 x 350 x 210 mm


This machine is relatively low-maintenance, regular cleaning and lubrication is recommended to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Safety Considerations

  • Protective Gear: Provide operators with suitable personal protective equipment (PPE), such as safety glasses and heat-resistant gloves, to protect against potential hazards during operation.
  • Temperature Control: When adjusting the temperature, be cautious not to set it too high, especially for materials that may be sensitive to heat. Always allow the machine to heat up to the desired temperature before use.
  • Unattended Operation: Do not leave the machine unattended while it is in operation. Always monitor the process to prevent accidents.


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