Single Needle Post Bed Roller Feed Sewing Machine

This is a high-performance sewing machine designed for a wide range of stitching applications. Widely used in the footwear, upholstery,  garment and apparel  industries, this machine provides precise and reliable stitching, making it ideal for various sewing projects.



  • Post Bed Design: The post bed design of the roller feed sewing machine enables stitching of curve components with precision and ease. It provides better control and maneuverability, making it ideal for handling intricate sewing tasks.
  • Roller Feed System: The machine features a roller feed system that ensures accurate and consistent stitching. This system helps to feed the fabric smoothly, preventing any slippage or distortion during the sewing process.
  • Single Needle Capability: This sewing machine is equipped with one needle, allowing for stitching with one thread, enhancing the strength and durability of the seams.
  • Versatile Stitching Options: With adjustable stitch length and width, this sewing machine offers versatility in stitching options.
  • Strong and Durable Construction: Built with robust materials and precise engineering, this sewing machine is designed to withstand heavy-duty usage. It can handle demanding stitching tasks, including thick and sturdy materials like leather and synthetic fabrics, ensuring longevity and reliability.
  • Adjustable Stitch Length: The machine offers adjustable stitch length, providing flexibility to accommodate different fabric types and sewing requirements.


Model No. BS-9910
Sewing Speed 2500 S.P.M
Needles DP*5 – Single Needle
Stitch Length 7.0 mm
Height of Presser Roller 11 mm
CBM (mm) 640 x 290 x 755 mm
Weight 56 Kg


  • Regular Cleaning: Remove dust, and fabric remnants from the machine using a soft brush or vacuum. Clean the bobbin case, feed dogs, and needle plate to prevent any build-up that may affect the machine’s performance.
  • Lubrication: Apply sewing machine oil to the designated points. Regular lubrication reduces friction, extends the machine’s lifespan, and ensures smooth operation.
  • Needle Replacement: Replace the needle regularly, especially when it becomes dull or bent. A sharp needle ensures clean and precise stitching.
  • Professional Servicing: Consider taking your sewing machine for professional servicing Periodically. This helps identify any potential issues and ensures optimal performance.

Safety Considerations

  • Power Off: Always turn off the machine and unplug it when not in use, during maintenance, or when changing needles or accessories.
  • Needle Handling: Use caution when handling needles, as they are sharp. Avoid placing your fingers near the needle area while the machine is running.
  • Workspace Organization: Maintain a clean and organized workspace, free from clutter and potential hazards that could interfere with the machine’s operation.
  • Safe Operation: Follow proper threading procedures, adjust the tension correctly, and use appropriate settings for the material being stitched. Keep hands and fingers away from moving parts and the needle area during operation.


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