Hot Air Blower/ Thread Burner (Heavy-Duty)

A versatile tool designed to remove excess threads from your sewing projects efficiently. With its safe air heater design and adjustable flow control knob, you can easily burn remaining threads without the risk of scalding your hands.




  • Safety Protection Cover: The hot air blower/thread burner machine is equipped with a protective cover on the machine head, ensuring safety by preventing direct contact with the hot blower and minimizing the risk of hand burns.
  • Efficient Thread Removal: The Thread Burner helps you quickly and effortlessly remove excess thread from your sewing projects, saving you time and effort.
  • Safe Air Heater Design: The device is equipped with a safe air heater, ensuring that the outlet temperature is high enough to dry off the thread effectively, but without posing a risk of burns to your hands.
  • Temperature Control Knob: The temperature control knob allows for easy and practical operation. You can adjust the heat to suit the specific requirements of your sewing project.


Model No. BS-01HD
Power 1000W
Running Speed 2750 RPM
Related Frequency 50/60Hz
Energy Consumption 1 KW
Wind Speed 4 m/s


To keep your Thread Burner in optimal condition, it is recommended to clean the device regularly.

Safety Considerations

  • Always exercise caution when operating the Thread Burner to avoid accidental burns. The device’s high outlet temperature can cause injury if not used carefully.
  • Before making any adjustments or maintenance, make sure the device is switched off and unplugged from the power source.
  • Do not leave the Thread Burner unattended while in use.


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