Fiber Laser Marking Machine

This Machine utilizes optical fiber laser technology to achieve high-speed and precise marking on various materials. With its compact size, air cooling system, and high electro-optic conversion efficiency, this machine is widely used across industries that demand intricate markings with exceptional depth, smoothness, and precision.


  • Optical Fiber Laser Technology: Utilizes advanced fiber laser technology for efficient marking operations.
  • High Electro-Optic Conversion Efficiency: Ensures optimal energy conversion for improved performance and reduced energy consumption.
  • Compact Size: Features a small footprint, making it suitable for environments with limited space.
  • Wide Application Range: Capable of marking a variety of materials including stainless steel, mobile phone overlays, clocks, molds, ICs, and mobile phone keypads.
  • High-Speed Marking: Offers faster marking speeds (3-12 times faster) compared to traditional lamp pump and semiconductor markers.
  • Marking Types: Supports various marking types including foaming, engraving, engraving with color change, and color change only marking.
  • Suitable Materials: Compatible with metals, leather, plastics, ceramics, glass, silicon, composites, graphite, rubber, LEDs, and even precious gems like rubies, sapphires, and diamonds.


Specification 10W/20W Machine 30W and Above Machine
Model NO BS-6996-20 BS-6996-30
Marking Scope 110x110mm, 150x150mm, 170x170mm, 200x200mm 200x200mm, 250x250mm, 300x300mm
Laser Head Galvotech/Scanlab/Sino Galvotech/Scanlab/Sino
Laser Power 10W/20W 30W/50W/70W
Wavelength 1060nm 1060nm
Laser Source IPG/Reyus/Max IPG/Reyus/Max
Consumption Power ≤500W ≤500W
Cooling Mode Air cooling Air cooling
Software EZcad EZcad


  • Regular Cleaning: Keep the machine clean by removing any dust, debris, or residue that may accumulate on the surface and components.
  • Lubrication: Ensure all moving parts are properly lubricated according to the manufacturer’s recommendations to prevent friction and wear.
  • Inspect Optics: Periodically check and clean the optical components to maintain optimal marking quality.
  • Calibration: Regularly calibrate the machine to ensure accurate marking results.
  • Software Updates: Keep the software up to date to access the latest features and improvements.
  • Safety Checks: Conduct routine safety checks on electrical connections, cooling systems, and emergency stop mechanisms.

Safety Considerations

  • Operator Training: Ensure operators receive thorough training on machine operation, safety procedures, and emergency protocols.
  • Protective Gear: Provide operators with appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) such as safety glasses and gloves to prevent injuries.
  • Machine Enclosure: Install a protective enclosure around the machine to prevent access to moving parts and laser beams during operation.
  • Emergency Stop: Install visible and easily accessible emergency stop buttons to quickly halt machine operation in case of emergencies.
  • Ventilation: Ensure proper ventilation in the workspace to remove any fumes or smoke generated during marking processes.
  • Warning Signs: Clearly label the machine with warning signs indicating laser operation and potential hazards.
  • Regular Inspections: Conduct regular inspections of the machine and its components to identify any potential safety hazards or malfunctions.
  • Fire Safety: Implement fire safety measures such as fire extinguishers and smoke detectors in the vicinity of the machine.
  • Restricted Access: Restrict access to the machine to authorized personnel only to prevent unauthorized use or tampering.


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