Screen Printing/Raised Printing Glass Table

This is a versatile and customizable solution designed for high-quality screen printing applications. With its long glass printing table, durable construction, and advanced features like manual and automatic IR flashers, this machine offers exceptional productivity and flexibility to meet various production requirements.


  • High-Quality Construction: Built with durable materials and precise engineering, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability in demanding production environments.
  • Customizable Table Size: The table width can be customized to 3.5 feet or 4 feet, while the length can be tailored to the customer’s specific requirements, allowing for flexibility to accommodate different production needs.
  • 10mm Toughened Glass: Equipped with high-quality 10mm toughened glass, providing a smooth and sturdy printing surface for consistent and precise printing results.
  • Aluminum Channels and Silicone Joints: Utilizes aluminum channels and silicone joints for secure assembly and stability, ensuring precise alignment and smooth operation during the printing process.
  • IR Flasher Options: Offers both manual and automatic IR flashers, allowing users to choose the appropriate option based on their production preferences and requirements.
  • Customizable Configuration: The entire table setup is customizable, enabling customers to tailor the machine according to their factory size and specific production needs.
  • Optional Busbar Systems: Provides optional busbar systems for a wire-free and hassle-free electrical connection environment, enhancing safety and efficiency in the printing setup.


Model No. BS-4955
Table Width 3.5 feet & 4 feet (customizable)
Table Length As per order
Glass 10mm Toughened Glass
Channels Aluminum Channels
Joints Silicone
Body Pipe Framed Body with Powder Coating
IR Flasher Automatic & Manual (both available)


  • Regular cleaning of the glass table surface to ensure optimal printing quality.
  • Inspection of aluminum channels and silicone joints for any signs of wear or damage, and replacement if necessary.
  • Routine maintenance of IR flashers to ensure proper functioning and longevity.
  • Periodic inspection of the entire machine for any loose connections or parts, and tightening or replacement as needed.

Safety Considerations

  • Proper training of operators on the safe use and operation of the machine.
  • Implementation of safety protocols for handling glass and operating the printing equipment.
  • Installation of safety guards and emergency stop mechanisms to prevent accidents and injuries.
  • Regular inspection and maintenance of electrical components to prevent electrical hazards.


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